Mid-term report card 2017

Environment groups have assessed the government’s performance of the Coalition government in NSW after two years of its four-year term. You can view the report card here.

Before the 2015 NSW Government elections, we compiled a report listing the top 25 actions required to conserve nature and protect the environment during the 2015-2019 term of government.

The report Our Environment, Our Future - Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond urged all parties and candidates to incorporate those actions in their environmental policy platforms.

This Report Card assesses the performance of the Coalition government halfway through its term against those 25 key indicators.



Background information

In the lead up to the 2015 NSW State election, NSW environment groups released Our Environment, Our Future - Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond. The policy document set out 25 key policy asks across eight broad environment themes.  Our Environment, Our Future called for all political parties and candidates to adopt the 25 policies and chart a new course by adopting a bold, positive vision for environmental protection and nature conservation in NSW.


  • Full analysis of the government's performance here.
  • Two-page summary of the performance here.