End the Coalition's war on trees

Thousands of possums, quolls, koalas and gliders will be killed each year under the Coalition government's new land-clearing laws.

Stop the senseless destruction of our wildlife 

Thousands of possums, quolls, koalas and gliders will be killed each year now the NSW Liberal-National government has gutted our tree-clearing laws. 

Big agri-business and developers have been given powers to trash our precious woodlands under the new Biodiversity Conservation Act. This new act will:

  • add extinction pressures to our state's 1000 threatened species;
  • threaten our clean, reliable water supplies;
  • turn our fertile land into wasteland through erosion and salinity; 
  • put landmark trees and bushland at risk; and
  • add further to Australia's carbon pollution.

Take Action to end the destruction

Click here to add your name to our important petition calling for the immediate protection of koalas and endangered habitat from bulldozing. 

Biodiversity offsets law will drive extinctions

The use of biodiversity offsetting schemes in NSW is adding extinction pressure to the very species those schemes were supposed to protect, a new report has found.

Biodiversity offsetting lets a developer clear bushland if they buy, protect and improve bushland elsewhere.

In theory, offsetting is supposed to ensure no net loss in biodiversity values. In practice, offsetting is pushing species to the brink. Read our analysis of offsetting schemes in NSW over the past 10 years.

Strong land-clearing laws have saved thousands of native animals

Leading ecologists say the land-clearing controls in the Native Vegetation Act, which the Liberal-National government has now scrapped, prevented more than one million animal deaths over 10 years – that’s more than 100,000 native animals that escaped death each year thanks to a strong, effective Native Vegetation Act

Stand Up For Nature Alliance

We have joined forces with other conservation organisations to form the Stand Up For Nature Alliance to campaign for strong environmental protections. Alliance partners include: WWF Australia, The Wilderness Society, The National Trust, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Total Environment Centre, National Parks Association of NSW, Humane Society International, WIRES, Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

Visit the Stand Up For Nature website for more information and resources and to sign the petition. 


Latest news


25 May, 2018


Queanbeyan to host NSW Regional Environment Conference 2018

Clean-energy investment and new logging laws will be top of the agenda at the 2018 NSW Regional Environment Conference in Queanbeyan this week.

Forests and wildlifeClimate and energy

23 May 2018


Wildlife and rare plants at greater risk under proposed private native forestry laws

The NSW Government has reaffirmed its recent decision to end the Environmental Protection Authority’s role as the approval authority for logging operations in private native forests, the government’s latest move to reduce environmental protections.

Forests and wildlife

6 May 2018


Berejiklian’s koala announcement falls far short

The NSW Government’s long anticipated Koala Strategy, released today, fails to protect the iconic species as it largely ignores the key threat of habitat loss, according to NSW’s peak environmental organisation.

Forests and wildlifePlanning and Development




Paradise lost: The weakening and widening of biodiversity offsetting in NSW, 2005-2016

This is a report on the biodiversity offsets schemes in NSW since 2005.


Our Environment, Our Future: Policies for the 2015 NSW election and beyond

This document details the environment movement's top policy asks for the 2015 NSW election.


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