Crown Lands Review 

Public lands should be held on trust for the people of NSW; managed by the Government with management directed at identifying and protecting the diverse values of public lands. The NSW Government is proposing significant changes to the way Crown land is managed in NSW.

Find out more by downloading our short briefing note Environmental Values of Crown Land and Implications of The Crown Land Review

NEW: Crown Land Management Bill introduced into the NSW Parliament

On 19 October 2016, the Government introduced its Crown Land Management Bill 2016 into the NSW Parliament. As expected, the Bill provides greater scope for the Government to hand over Crown land, including to local councils, and there is much less emphasis on environmental conservation.

With the Government needing just one additional vote to get its Bill through, it’s important that members of the Upper House are aware of community concerns.

Here are the contact details for key members of the Upper House:

Key talking points:

  • Crown lands have important environmental, social and cultural values. Crown land must remain in public hands and be managed to retain these important values.
  • The objects of the Act must provide for the management of Crown land for the benefit of the environment and the people of NSW, and provide a system of management for Crown land that is consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
  • There must be appropriate safeguards in place to ensure that Crown land with significant environmental value is retained as State land, and managed to protect those important environmental values.
  • If Crown land is going to be transferred to local councils, the process must be open and transparent and there must be requirements that the land continues to be managed for the public benefit.
  • The community should be more involved in making decisions about Crown land.

Upper House Inquiry into Crown Lands

The NSW Upper House has recently conducted an inquiry into Crown land in NSW. The inquiry looked at:

  1. the extent of Crown land and the benefits of active use and management of that land to New South Wales,
  2. the adequacy of community input and consultation regarding the commercial use and disposal of Crown land,
  3. the most appropriate and effective measures for protecting Crown land so that it is preserved and enhanced for future generations, and
  4. the extent of Aboriginal Land Claims over Crown land and opportunities to increase Aboriginal involvement in the management of Crown land.

Read our submission here: Submission to Upper House Inquiry into Crown Lands

For more information, including the committee's final report is on the NSW Parliament website.

Draft State Planning Framework for TSRs

In December 2014, the Local Land Services released a draft NSW Travelling Stock Reserves State Planning Framework 2016-19 (‘the Planning Framework’) for public comment. The TSR Planning Framework will provide guidance in the preparation of regional and local plans for the management of TSRs. The TSR Planning Framework is yet to be finalised.

Read our submission on the Draft State Planning Framework for TSRs here.

Proposed Changes to Crown Land Management

The Crown Lands Legislation White Paper, in essence, proposes a fire sale of our public assets. It outlines substantial changes that could potentially result in large parcels of public land being handed over to other agencies or to private management and ownership.

The proposed changes also undermine the key principles of Crown land management, set out in section 11 of the Crown Lands Act 1989, including environment protection and the conservation of natural resources. In our view, this is not in the public interest.

Download key submissions to the Crown Lands Legislation White Paper below.

Background Research

In the last 10 years, the National Parks Association of NSW has done a significant amount of work identifying and highlighting the conservation values of Crown Lands:

Other resources:


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