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Climate change is here now and our forests, wildlife and communities are already facing the impacts. Let’s break free from the polluting energy of the past so everyone, everywhere can have clean energy.

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In NSW, our biggest contribution to climate change is how we power our lives and communities. Today 79% of our power comes from coal. But we can change that. Repower is a people-powered campaign to break our addiction to coal and gas and repower our lived with clean energy. Join us. 

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Repowering our Regions: A clean-energy road map to #Repower NSW

The transition to clean energy is not only essential for a safe climate, it will bring jobs and investment to regional NSW too. Read our new report that details we can #Repower our state with 100% clean energy by 2030.

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Our solutions

Another world is not only possible, it’s already knocking on our door. To do our fair share to tackle climate change and Repower our energy system we have five important solutions. To move NSW to a clean, reliable, affordable energy system, the NSW Government must:

  1. Commit to sourcing all our electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2030.
  2. Create incentives that encourage investment in energy storage, including batteries, pumped-hydro and solar thermal storage to increase grid reliability.
  3. Rule out new coal mines and gas fields in NSW.

To make the transition fair, the NSW Government must:

  1. Help workers and communities transition as coal-fired power stations and coal mines close.
  2. Protect community health by cleaning up air pollution from coal-fired power stations.

Here's the full Repower NSW Policy



Latest news


18 May, 2018


National leader kicks own goal on NSW energy policy

The Nature Conservation Council has welcomed NSW Nationals Leader John Barilaro’s admission in The Australian newspaper that the Berejiklian Government has “no clear plan or policy” on climate and energy.

Climate and energyPollution and wasteUranium

5 April 2018


We must pursue cleaner, safer options than Liddell

The NSW Nature Conservation Council calls on AGL to stick to its guns and close Liddell Power Station by 2022 as planned, and not cave in to pressure from the Federal Government.

Air pollutionClimate and energy

23 March 2018


AEMO report illustrates NSW's lack of a storage plan

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) concerns about the closure of Liddell Power Station illustrates the NSW Government’s failure to plan for an orderly transition to a reliable, clean energy future. [1]

Climate and energy




Repower Petition


Our Environment, Our Future: Policies for the 2015 NSW election and beyond

This document details the environment movement's top policy asks for the 2015 NSW election.


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