Our children’s future relies on us repowering our state with clean energy and schools are a great place to start. Mums, dads, grandparents, teachers and teenagers can help make our schools leaders in safeguarding a sustainable future for our children. Let’s get on with it. 

NSW schools are still powered primarily by coal, but it’s last century's fuel that harms our health and our climate.

Now it’s not only cleaner to go solar, but it’s cheaper too. In fact schools can save over $130,000 over the lifetime of their solar system, which means more funds available for teaching and learning.

Some school communities have been able to raise funds from their local community for their own solar systems, but many schools are missing out.

Step 1: Sign the petition

We need the Education Minister to commit to fund solar systems to power every NSW public school in the 2019 budget.

Solar energy systems on NSW schools pay for themselves in just a few years, so let's get on with saving money and creating a better world for our kids.

Read the petition here and share it with your friends.

Step 2: Build support in your community

With a people-powered push, we can get this done. So why not build support for the campaign by holding a "solar social"- a BBQ or house party with a purpose! You can hang out with your neighbours and build support you need to get your school, and schools across the state to go solar!

Check out our solar socials guide

Step 3: Ask your P&C association to sign the open letter to the Education Minister.

P&C's exist to make our schools better, so they're a natural ally. They're also influential, right up to the Minister for Education, Rob Stokes. 

Check out the presentation guide below, and book in a 5 minute pitch at your next P&C meeting!

Download the presentation to help you address your P&C.

P&C's student representative councils, teachers associations and other groups can support the campaign by signing the open letter to Rob Stokes. 

Sign the open letter here.