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NSW is a laggard when we should be a leader on clean energy. Let’s make this election a referendum on climate change! Are you in?

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Our climate is changing. We just suffered record heat waves and bushfire season is longer, hotter and drier than ever. Communities are feeling the impacts of climate change and voters are taking notice across the country.

First Wentworth, then Victoria. Elections are being won or lost on climate change. Is NSW next?

Even after eight years in government, the NSW Liberals still have no climate plan. We need all parties to commit to do our fair share to reduce climate pollution.

This election, any party that doesn’t act on climate change, doesn’t deserve to govern.

Our plan

Election campaigns are won by people power – everyday people working together in their communities. By having conversations with people in places our politicians care about, we can make a huge impact. Hundreds of people all across the state are already active. And they're getting results!

Join them and help make this election the Climate Election.

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Policy scorecard

We have compared the publicly available policies of the major parties for the state election. Our independent assessments are below and will be updated as new announcements are made. 

This is our assessment across climate change, clean energy, deforestation and the Murray-Darling policy areas. Current as of March 14, 2019.

Our assessment on climate change and clean energy policy is below. 


You can view a more detailed version of this scorecard here.

Live update from the campaign trail

18 Feb - NSW Labor has announced a massive investment in large-scale clean energy if they win the state election. 

Their pledged to add 7GW of large-scale solar, wind and storage to the grid is a game-changer that would make NSW a leader in clean energy in Australia, slash the state’s carbon emissions by 12% and power about 3 million households.

The ALP’s pledge on rooftop solar and large-scale renewables would see NSW go from laggard to leader in clean energy in Australia by increasing the mix of solar, wind and hydro up to 35% by 2023.

This is a very welcome announcement and sets a standard that we call on the Coalition to match or exceed in coming weeks.

11 Feb - The climate race is on! Just weeks into the election campaign both the NSW government and state Labor have committed to get solar onto hundreds of thousands of homes in NSW.

Thanks to people speaking up, the major parties are making announcements on clean energy because our leaders know they need to act on climate to be elected.

But both parties still need to commit to large-scale renewables and storage if they are serious about cutting pollution and transitioning NSW to clean energy. We also need a plan to get to net zero emissions by 2040.

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

Here’s what needs to happen

Switching to clean energy is cheaper, cleaner and more reliable. This election we’re calling on all political parties to commit to get to 100% clean energy by 2030 and specifically to:

  • Provide solar power to 400,000 households (including rentals) in the next term of government (by 2023);
  • Tender for 4000MW of large-scale clean power in the next term of government;
  • Power all government operations with 100% renewable energy by 2023; and
  • Legislate for net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, and ensure all government decisions consider the impact on climate change.
Authorised by Kate Smolski, NSW Nature Conservation Council, Sydney.

Latest news


11 April 2019


Post-election poll shows climate change and environment was top of mind

“Climate change and the environment” had more influence on voting patterns in the seat of North Shore than any other issue at the state election last month, independent post-election polling has found.

Forests and wildlifeClimate and energy

31 March, 2019


NSW’s fifth environment minister in eight years

The parade of environment ministers in NSW continues with Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s appointment of Matt Kean, the fifth person to hold the portfolio in eight years.

Forests and wildlifeClimate and energyNSW Parliament

2 April 2019


Coalition downgrades Environment Department again

“The decision to downgrade the environment portfolio (again) and subsume it into a super-ministry with industry and development is par for the course from a government that has been at war with nature and environmental protection since it came to power in 2011,” Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski said.

Air pollutionForests and wildlifeMarine ConservationPlanning and DevelopmentClimate and energyNSW Parliament


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