Coal and gas

Help us stop the polluting coal and gas industries destroying precious wildlife habitat and adding to climate change.

Defending communities, water and wild places against coal and gas

Coal and coal seam gas companies are attempting to expand mining and fracking at unprecedented rates across New South Wales, threatening public health, clean air and water, productive farmlands and natural areas. Exploration licences and mining leases have been granted over tens of millions of hectares of our state. 

Coal mining creates permanent, destructive changes to our environment, clearing wildlife habitat, destroying rivers and streams, permanently damaging aquifers and polluting air and water. Coal mined in New South Wales is burned in Australia and overseas, polluting the air and producing over 400 million tonnes of carbon pollution annually.

We cannot afford to sacrifice the essentials of life – clean air, fresh water and our best farmland – for the benefit of powerful vested interests. It’s time to take a stand to protect our land, our water and our future.

Our solution

We need the NSW government to:

  • issue no new coal exploration licences or mining leases;
  • ban unconventional gas development;
  • make companies pay full rehabilitation costs; and 
  • overhaul the planning processes for major projects.

It’s time for our state to move beyond coal and gas, by driving investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable industries that don’t threaten our land, water and wild places.

Protect Sydney’s Water

Coal mining in Sydney’s drinking water catchment is cracking bedrock, destroying creeks and streams and draining about three billion litres a year from our water supply. We have formed a broad community alliance to protect the water supply for more than 4.5 million people. Learn more


Latest news


23 April, 2012


Federal tax breaks favour miners at expense of the environment

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW has welcomed additional funding for nature conservation and renewable energy in this year’s federal budget, but has condemned the government’s decision to continue multi-billion dollar tax breaks for the mining industry.

Coal and gas

23 April, 2012


Singleton takes its message to the City

Singleton residents are urged to join a rally on 1 May to protect residential and sensitive environmental areas from damage by coal mining and coal seam gas extraction.

Coal and gas

23 April, 2012


Putty takes its message to the city

The Putty Community Association is urging people to attend a rally in Sydney on 1 May to protect areas of high environmental value from the threat of coal mining and coal seam gas extraction.

Coal and gas


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