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We are taking legal action to make the Environment Protection Authority uphold the law and protect communities from coal power plant pollution.

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We're taking the EPA to court

Big polluters off the hook

Coal-fired power stations are some of the most toxic industrial facilities in the state, yet some pollution limits the NSW Government sets for these facilities are well below international standards.

More than 3,000 Australians a year die from air pollution, much of it due to fine particles called PM10 and PM2.5.

These fine particles cannot be seen by the naked eye and are drawn deep into the lungs causing lung cancer, respiratory illness, heart attack and stroke.

A major source of many of these pollutants is coal mining and coal-fired power stations. Once released into the air, they travel hundreds of kilometres from the Hunter Valley and Central Coast all the way to Sydney. 

Regulatory failure

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) actually issues “pollution licences” that allow the companies that own the power stations to pump these pollutants into our air.

When power station pollution licences come up for renewal, the EPA has a rare chance to tighten emissions standards to protect community health and the environment by requiring new technologies to filter out the toxins.

But in January this year, the EPA renewed licences for the Vales Point and Eraring power stations on the Central Coast and the Mt Piper station near Lithgow without reducing the pollution these facilities can emit.

Not only was this a massive missed opportunity, we believe the EPA may have broken the law, which is why we are taking it to court.

We're off to court 

We do not take legal action lightly. We are going to court because we believe we have to uphold important principles and to protect the environment and local communities from toxic pollution. Here are three reasons we are taking legal action: 

  1. To protect our environment and communities from pollution from coal-burning power stations;
  2. To uphold the important function of the EPA and the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development, as enshrined in state law; and
  3. To ensure the EPA complies with the law to consider the impacts of the pollution on the environment and the community, when issuing future Environment Pollution Licences.

Will you help us hold the EPA and the NSW Government to account, ensure they obey the law and that they act in the best interests of the communities they are supposed to protect? 

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