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10 February 2019


Berejiklian falls short with solar and batteries announcement

“The Berejiklian government’s commitment to help 300,000 households access solar and batteries is welcome but is too little and too late after eight years of inaction on climate change and clean energy,” Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski said.

Climate and energy

9 February 2019


NSW ALP’s 500,000 solar homes pledge sets a new benchmark

“State Labor’s pledge today to help put solar on 500,000 homes over the next 10 years has set the pace in the race to establish clean-energy credentials in the run up to next month’s election,” said Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski.

Climate and energy

8 February 2019


Niall Blair’s “shifting sands” are too slow to deal with our climate crisis

Comments by Nationals Agriculture Minister Niall Blair that “we've got to start showing that we take climate change and its impacts on the agricultural sector seriously” are welcome but highlight the Coalition’s years of inaction and denialism.

Climate and energy


8 February 2019


Rocky Hill judgement exposes bankruptcy of fossil fuel industry’s pollution claims

The Nature Conservation Council congratulates Groundswell Gloucester and the Environmental Defenders Office NSW for their historic win in the Land and Environment Court today.

Climate and energyCoal and gas

7 February 2019


NSW still back of the pack for renewables

Lack of leadership on energy policy in NSW has been laid bare again today with the release of the latest Green Energy Markets report, which found NSW sources more of its power from coal than any other state in Australia.

Climate and energy

6 February, 2019


Solar, wind and storage the only reasonable response to coal and gas failures

Major parties in NSW must commit to adding up to 4000MW of clean energy to the grid over the next four years to bridge the reliability gap caused by the state’s aging and highly polluting coal and gas power plants.

Climate and energy


4 February 2019


National parks additions slow to a trickle while koala protections slashed

The new national park south of Sydney announced by Premier Berejiklian today is welcome but does not compensate for the Coalition’s terrible record on park creation and koala conservation.

Forests and wildlife

4 February 2019


Premier should mandate 40% tree canopy for Sydney by 2030 (1)

Premier Berejiklian’s creation of a Minister for Public Spaces is tacit acknowledgement that these areas have been mismanaged for the past eight years as a result of policies pursued by the Coalition government.

Forests and wildlife

1 February 2019


ALP pledges to set world’s-best health standards

Pressure is now on the Berejiklian government to tighten power station pollution licences to protect human health after State Labor pledged to review emissions standards to “ensure they meet world-class standards”.

Air pollutionClimate and energy


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