31 March, 2019

NSW’s fifth environment minister in eight years

The parade of environment ministers in NSW continues with Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s appointment of Matt Kean, the fifth person to hold the portfolio in eight years.

“NSW desperately needs stability, strength and competence in the environment portfolio to ensure nature gets the protections it needs and deserves,” Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski said.

“Sadly, the environment ministry has been weak since the Coalition came to power in 2011 because it has lacked the support of the Premier in the face of intense pressure from the National Party and the coal, agribusiness and developer lobbies.

“We have now had five environment ministers in eight years, on whose watch the government legalised a new wave of deforestation, put most koalas on private land under threat, and let carbon pollution climb.

“Coalition governments since 2011 have been the worst for the environment in living memory. 

“Matt Kean has his work cut out for him to reverse the disastrous reputation of the Coalition on nature and climate action, we hope he will rise to the challenge.

“Recent surveys have shown climate and environment are now top concerns for voters and helped Labor take Lismore from the Nationals and Coogee from the Liberals in last week’s election.

“To do so, he needs the strong support of the Premier to implement strong measures  to reduce climate pollution and to protect our koalas and 1000 other species in NSW currently threatened with extinction.

“We also hope the Premier’s decision to combine the environment and energy portfolios means the environmental impacts of energy policy are given the weight they deserve when decisions are made.”




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