7 February 2019

NSW back of the pack for renewables

Lack of leadership on energy policy in NSW has been laid bare again today with the release of the latest Green Energy Markets report, which found NSW sources more of its power from coal than any other state in Australia. [1]

“In December, NSW sourced just 13.5% of its power from renewables, including hydro,” Nature Conservation Council Climate Campaigner Dr Brad Smith said.

“Meanwhile Victoria gets 18% of its power from clean sources, and South Australia gets 52.7%.”

The research and advisory business also found the energy mix in NSW had barely changed in a decade, with  78.5% of the state’s energy still coming from coal.

“NSW is still at the back of the pack when it comes to clean energy because the Berejikian government doesn’t have target for clean energy,” Dr Smith said.

“The state Labor Opposition haven’t announced a clean energy policy either, so voters are right to wonder where is the political leadership?

“We need all the parties to lift their level of ambition and make strong commitments that will rapidly transition the state’s energy supply away from coal and into clean, modern sources like solar backed up with storage and batteries.reliable renewables.”

The Nature Conservation Council and other climate action groups are calling on all parties to ensure: 

  •   The NSW Government tenders for 4000 MW of large-scale clean power by 2023 (the next term of government).
  •   All government operations are powered with renewable energy, including schools and public hospitals, by 2023.
  •   Every household (including low-income and rental properties) can access solar power by 2029 through a Solar For All Rebate and by helping families with solar install batteries.
  •   Legislate net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and ensure all government decisions consider the impact of policies on climate change.

POLICY: Clean Energy Future for NSW

REFERENCES: [1] SMH 7/2/2019 Renewables reach highest share of Australia's power in 40 years


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