30  January, 2019

30-plus volunteers doorknock in Lismore for our koalas 

More than 30 North Coast #SaveOurKoalas volunteers will doorknock homes across Lismore this weekend to make deforestation and the survival of koalas a priority issue in the 2019 state election.

The doorknock will be followed by the official launch of the Nature Conservation Council’s 2019 End Deforestation Campaign on the North Coast (#SaveOurKoalas).

“In a time where deforestation has halved koala numbers on the North Coast [1] the NSW Government has failed in every aspect of koala conservation.” said Nature Conservation Council Community Organiser Ed Mortimer.

“In fact, under new laws, 99% of identified koala habitat on private land can be bulldozed, leaving next to no protections for koala habitat. [2]

“We will doorknock thousands of homes across Lismore to talk about the failure of the NSW Government to provide any meaningful protection of koala habitat in the face of plummeting populations.”

Mr Mortimer said all parties should commit to ending the deforestation crisis by:

  • Passing strong laws to protect forests and bushlands
  • Making koala habitat off limits to deforestation
  • Supporting landowners to restore healthy landscapes

The Nature Conservation Council’s End Deforestation (#SaveOurKoalas) Campaign will run four mass doorknocking events between now and the March 23 election. The campaign will also involve candidates forums, digital advertising, mass coreflutes and petitions calling on North Coast candidates to end the deforestation crisis.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response so far and would urge anyone interested to get in touch to take part,” Mr Mortimer said.

“People are shocked to hear about the deforestation crisis and are jumping at the chance to take action to save our koalas, once and for all.”


When: 3pm - 6:30pm Saturday 2 February

Where: Starts at Peace Park, cnr Keen St and Ballina Rd Lismore

RSVP:    www.eventbrite.com.au/e/save-our-koalas-doorknocking-launch-tickets-55144170699


[1] http://www.aceas.org.au/conserving_koalas_report.pdf

[2] Nature Conservation Council, 2018. Environment Minister knew 99% of koala habitat would be exposed to land clearing by contentious new laws, FOI document shows. Online, available at:  <https://bit.ly/2kxZpXd> accessed 3 May 2018.

[3] Adams-Hosking, C et al. (2016). Use of expert knowledge to elicit population trends for the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). Diversity and Distributions, 22(3), 249-262. doi: 10.1111/ddi.12400

[4] https://www.wwf.org.au/ArticleDocuments/351/pub-Koala-extinction-risk-NSW-28sept18.pdf.aspx

[5] Bulldozing of bushland nearly trebles around Moree and Collarenebri after safeguards repealed in NSW, (2018) WWF-Australia and NSW Nature Conservation Council.



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