23 November 2018 

Coogee residents frustrated by government inaction on coal and climate: survey

Locals from #Repower Coogee and the #Time2Choose campaign will today deliver the results of a community survey to Coogee MP Bruce Notley-Smith and sing a coal-themed Xmas carol. 

The survey was conducted by about 75 volunteers who door-knocked almost 1,700 homes across the Coogee electorate –  in Tamarama, Randwick and Queens Park – over three weekends in August and November, 2018.

#Repower volunteer Dr Carrie Tsai said: “People are frustrated that our state government is not doing enough on global warming, with a massive majority of 91.1% supporting a transition to 100% renewable energy.

“Most people are surprised to learn that in NSW, 11 new coal mines and coal mine expansions are threatening our farmland, water resources and climate.

“We’re asking Mr Notley-Smith to join Coogee voters in completing our survey today.

“As our local member, we want to know where he stands on these issues and what policies on coal, gas and renewable energy the government plans to present to the community ahead of the election.

#Time2Choose volunteer Chris Pick, a local lawyer, said: “We were pleased to find 75.7% of those surveyed said they wanted fracking and drilling for coal seam gas banned in NSW.

“Ending CSG in NSW would put an end to the controversial gas project threatening the Great Artesian Basin near Narrabri.

“The survey also reveals a whopping 91.7% want special places like Sydney’s drinking-water catchment and horse-breeding and wine-growing areas in the Hunter Valley off limits to coal mining.

“All we want for Christmas is 100% renewable energy and an end to coal and gas mining threatening our best farmland, our water and our climate.”

Survey results will be presented to all local candidates who will be asked to support local residents, who overwhelmingly want action on these issues.




Don’t know

1.       Do you think the NSW Government is doing enough to act on global warming?




2.                   Do you think fracking and drilling for coal seam gas should be banned in NSW?




3.    Do you think special places like Sydney’s drinking water catchments and horse-breeding and wine-growing areas in the Hunter Valley should be off-limits to coal mining?




4.                   Do you support NSW transitioning to 100% clean energy?





Survey summary

Doors knocked: 1,682

Surveys/conversations: 281

The door-knocks occurred at the following locations and dates:

  • Randwick –November 4
  • Queens Park – October 13
  • Tamarama – August 25


Climate and energy

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