11 September 2017

AGL sticks to its guns on coal closure timeline

“We welcome AGL’s renewed commitment to getting out of dirty coal and maintaining electricity supply by developing renewables, even in the face of extraordinary pressure from the Turnbull government to extend the life of coal-fired power stations,” said Nature Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski.

“Renewables are the only way to reduce our carbon pollution, fight climate change, and minimise power prices.

“Rather than handcuff us to an outdated dirty technology, the Turnbull Government should be developing positive plans to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources and storage.

“It is disturbing that the Coalition Government has been pressuring AGL to breach its  2015 Greenhouse Gas Policy by extending the life of one of the coal-fired power stations in its fleet.

“That policy was designed to help the Australian Government play its part in meeting the international agreement to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.”



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