25 September 2017

12,000 call on AGL to stick to its schedule to close Liddell power station by 2022

A petition signed by almost 12,000 people urging energy giant AGL to close the Liddell power by 2022, as originally scheduled, was delivered to the company’s Sydney headquarters this morning.

The action was timed two days ahead of AGL’s Annual General Meeting in Melbourne on Wednesday.

“Customers, shareholders and the wider community are calling on AGL to honor its commitment to close its Liddell power station by 2022,” NCC Senior Energy and Climate Campaigner Dr Brad Smith said.

“People want the company to shut its dirty coal burning plants and transition rapidly to 100% clean renewable sources so it stops harming our climate.

“It is reprehensible that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his ministers are pressuring the company to keep polluting when they know all power companies need to urgently slash emissions.

“Extending Liddell’s operating life beyond 2022 would contravene AGL’s Greenhouse Gas Policy, undermine responsible climate policy, and cost an estimated $1 billion.

“The people demand the government and AGL not squander that sort of money propping up old coal burners and invest it in new clean energy generation.”



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