14 June, 2017

Save the Royal from F6 motorway expansion

The Nature Conservation Council has vowed to fight any moves to bulldoze bushland in the Royal National Park for the F6 Extension between Sydney and the Illawarra. [1] 

“Sydney region bushland is a precious legacy that we have been entrusted to protect and hand on to our children,” NCC Campaigns Director Daisy Barham said.

“The community expect the Berejiklian government to protect what we have left.

“While the proposal to destroy 60 hectares of the Royal for this new road is just one option, it is alarming they are contemplating it as an alternative at all.

“The Royal is the oldest national park in Australia and the second oldest park in the world.

“It has such extraordinary natural and heritage values it has been recommended as worthy of World Heritage nomination.

“Destroying any of this world-class park would be totally unacceptable to the NSW community and will be vigorously opposed.

“The outrage in response to the clearing of hundred-year-old trees in Randwick will pale in comparison to the community anger that will arise if this proposal proceeds.

“To ensure no more public money is wasted on studies for this outrageous proposal, we call on Premier Berejiklian to rule this option out immediately.”

Ms Barham said the Coalition government under premiers O’Farrell, Baird, and Berejiklian had a poor record on nature conservation.

“They have gutted our land-clearing and conservation laws, wound back marine sanctuaries, and approved the destruction of thousands of hectares of wildlife habitat for mining and gas projects,” she said.

“If they bulldoze the Royal for a road project it will cement the Coalition’s reputation as the most anti-environment government in a generation.” 


[1] www.smh.com.au/nsw/f6-extension-to-mean-bulldozing-460-homes-or-cutting-through-the-national-park-20170613-gwq6ba.html


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