6 June, 2017

Renewables, not gas, are the answer to NSW’s energy woes

The Berejiklian government’s plans to expand gas exploration in NSW would threatened water and land resources in new parts of the state without addressing the urgent need to transition to clean energy, according to the Nature Conservation Council. [1]

“The proposal to develop gas fields in the state’s Far West outlined in today’s media are a distraction from the clean energy future we need,” NCC Senior Energy and Climate Campaigner Dr Brad Smith said.

“We need a real plan to deliver clean, sustainable energy, not a thought bubbles from our political leaders.

“The government still needs to explain to voters how it is going to deliver on its promise to make NSW carbon neutral by 2050.

“Opening new gas fields is clearly not the way forward. That would simply spread the environmental harm that this industry causes to new parts of the state without addressing our long-term energy needs.

“It will also add more pollution to the atmosphere and drive more climate change.

“The cruel irony is that the Far West where the government is encouraging gas development is will be hit harder by climate change than most other parts of the state.

“The CSIRO warns that if we continue to pollute the atmosphere at current rates, the Far West will be 4.3 degrees hotter and 32% drier than today. [2]

“This would be devastating to the pastoral industry and make the region virtually unlivable.”

Dr Smith said if the government proceeded with this folly, it must require the gas, which belongs to the people of NSW, to be used solely for domestic consumption.


[1] www.smh.com.au/content/adaptive/smh/nsw/nsw-begins-fresh-gas-search-amid-price-hike-warnings-20170605-gwkkgv.html

[2] www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/media/ccia/2.1.6/cms_page_media/176/RANGELANDS_BROCHURE.pdf



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