22 June 2017

Foley’s Royal National Park World Heritage listing proposal continues Labor’s leadership on conservation

The Nature Conservation Council applauds Labor Leader Luke Foley’s strong position on protecting the Royal National Park from the Berejiklian government’s proposed expansion of the F6 motorway.

“The ALP has a long and proud tradition of nature conservation in NSW, having added millions of hectares to the national parks estate under Labor premiers Neville Warn and Bob Carr,” NCC CEO Kate Smolski said.

“In his Budget Reply speech today, Luke Foley signalled Labor would build on that tradition when it returns to government by protecting the Royal from motorways.

“Since the Liberal-National Coalition came to power it has weakened environmental protections.

“Meanwhile the number of threatened species in NSW has topped 1000 on its watch, and additions to the national park system have ground to a halt.”

Ms Smolski said Labor’s position on many environmental issues was in strong contrast to the Coalition’s performance since coming to power in 2012.

“They have gutted our land-clearing and conservation laws, wound back marine sanctuaries, and have no plan for reaching their own target of zero net emissions by 2050,” she said.

“If they bulldoze the Royal for a road project it will cement the Coalition’s reputation as the most anti-environment government in a generation.”



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