2 March, 2015

Marine filmmakers in Byron Bay for premiere of two new documentaries

Young filmmakers Danielle Ryan and James Sherwood will be in Byron Bay on Sunday (March 8) for the North Coast premiere of their latest works, The Sea & Me and My Saltwater Sanctuary.

These two award-winning young filmmakers from Bluebottle Films toured around Australia’s coastline to capture inspiring stories from our extraordinary seas and the people who look after them.

North Coast identities, including Ziggy Alberts (Byron Bay musician & surfer), feature in the documentaries.

The films have played to sold-out crowds along the NSW coast over the past month as part of a road trip to raise awareness of the Baird government’s plans to rezone 10 key marine sanctuaries in mid-2015.

They also aim to raise awareness of the federal government’s review of Commonwealth Marine Reserves, and to encourage people to make a submission before the closing date on 28 March, 2015.

“The marine park off Byron Bay has some of the most pristine and beautiful marine habitats in NSW,” NCC Marine Campaigner Sue Milthorpe said.

“Tropical waters mix with cooler southern currents and this means plenty of interesting species are found in this region, like the iconic dolphins that use the area for resting and feeding. This has made the waters off Byron a major tourism drawcard for fishers and divers.

“Marine sanctuaries were put in place to protect our extraordinary marine wildlife and their underwater homes, as well as our coastal lifestyles which relies on having healthy and abundant seas.

“Less than 4 per cent of commonwealth waters and only 7 per cent of state waters of NSW are safeguarded by sanctuaries.

“Given how important marine life is to our state’s identity and economy, we really need to protect it into the future.”


Filmmaker Danielle Ryan and North Coast identities Cr Bob Palmer and Assoc. Prof. Steve Smith, who feature in the film, are available for interview. 


What:              Premiere of two new documentariesThe Sea & Me and My Saltwater Sanctuary

When:             Friday, March 6

Where:            Jetty Theatre, Coffs Harbour

Tickets:           Free (limited tickets left)


My Saltwater Sanctuary (trailer): https://vimeo.com/110766340

The Sea & Me: https://vimeo.com/117875249 (password: marine)

Sea & Me vignettes:



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