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Make Forestry Corporation survey for nocturnal greater gliders at night.

It is a legal requirement that a 50-metre exclusion zone from logging be created around the hollows that the endangered greater gliders used to nest in and sleep. 

Forestry Corporation claims there is no evidence of gliders in any area they log. However, it has recently been revealed that Forestry Corporation undertake surveys for this nocturnal marsupial during the day.  

This outright lie has been exposed - The Environmental Protection Authority recently found 19 dens and 89 gliders in just one area Forestry Corporation was logging.   

Souther Greater Glider. Image Pavel German

Analysis by NCC also found that across NSW Forestry Corporation is logging areas we know have some of the largest remaining populations of gliders in the state. 

We call on the NSW government to request the EPA

  • Mandate that survey’s be undertaken at night in areas of known glider populations
  • Implement a stop work order for all forests that are currently active or scheduled to be logged that are known to contain glider populations 
  • Investigate and launch prosecutions into illegal and systematic breaches by Forestry Corporation in relation to threatened species surveying. 

Native forest logging needs to end. Every piece of forest lost won’t come back in our lifetime.  

That’s why it’s critical that we do everything we can to protect what is left – and help secure a future for our phenomenal wildlife and precious ecosystems. 

Click here to view our interactive map that shows where gliders are under threat from logging.

Dark blue are areas with the highest proportion of gliders in NSW, and red is forest that is being logged.


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