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Protect Native Forests from Logging

Open letter to NSW Members of Parliament

In the past year koalas, gang-gang cockatoos, and greater gliders officially became endangered species. 

Yet logging companies are still allowed to destroy 18,000 hectares of their spectacular native forest homes every year.

Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland have already committed to ending this archaic industry. NSW, however, still plunders its forests, and exports gum trees as woodchips.

Even worse, the native forest logging industry is running at a loss and is propped up by taxpayer dollars.

It’s time NSW caught up with other states and protected native forests by ending logging. 

We call on you to: 

  • Stop wood-chipping native forests. 
  • Protect the full 315,000 hectares of the proposed Great Koala National Park; 
  • Commit to end native forest logging, with a plan to develop sustainable timber plantations; and 
  • Ban burning native forests to generate electricity. 

Will you sign?