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It’s time to end native forest logging

Native forest logging is pushing iconic species like the koala, swift parrot and greater glider to the brink of extinction. 

On the far south coast, 29 out of 30 trees logged are turned into woodchips and shipped overseas to be made into toilet paper and cardboard. Our beautiful forests are worth far more standing. 
Only 9.5% of NSW is protected in conservation areas. Much of our remaining forests are slated for logging as state forests. These state forests represent incredibly important wildlife habitats and stunning landscapes. 

The 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires burnt over 5 million hectares of forest and the remaining unburnt areas  provide crucial refugia and habitat for our special wildlife. They have nowhere else to go. 

These areas are now targets of FCNSW’s increasingly desperate logging operations all over the state. 
The majority of our sawlogs already come from plantations which have untapped potential in employment options and carbon storage. All that we need to finish the transition to 100% plantations and provide certainty for workers and wildlife is political will.  
It's time to end native forest logging.

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales. 

We the undersigned bring to the attention of the House that the beautiful native forests of NSW are worth more standing. The destruction of these precious forests should not be propped up with millions of dollars of public subsidies each year. 

We therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to end native forest logging and transition to a sustainable plantation-based timber industry. 

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