NSW Fish Habitat Partnership

Degradation of habitat quality has had a significant negative impact on the numbers of fish, the resilience of fish communities and the sustainability of oyster production.

Arresting the decline in fish habitat 

The decline in the abundance and quality of habitat in NSW over the past 200 years is well documented, and the links between poor habitat and water quality and reduced fisheries production are well established. The NSW Fish Habitat Partnership was formed in March 2014 to boost fish populations by coordinating efforts to improve fish habitat.

Founding members

The partnership includes recreational, commercial and indigenous fishing organisations, the oyster industry, conservation groups and NGOs, the tackle trade, fishing co-ops and farming groups who all agreed to support the initiative. Founding members include:

  • Australian Fishing Trade Association
  • Australian National Sportsfishing Association
  • Nature Conservation Council of NSW
  • NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers
  • NSW Farmers
  • Oceanwatch
  • Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW
  • Professional Fishermen’s Association
  • Sea Life Conservation Fund
  • Sydney Fish Markets

Founding principles 

The Partnership is encouraging activities that protect, restore and enhance the state’s fisheries by improving management of fish habitat. Through these activities, the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership expects to achieve sustainable environmental, economic and social benefits for the people of NSW. The NSW Fish Habitat Partnership will pursue four fundamental strategies:

  1. Identify strategic and specific ways to improve fish habitat condition.
  2. Mobilise and focus national, state and local support for achieving fish habitat management goals in NSW.
  3. Measure and communicate the status of fish habitats and what fish need in terms of habitat.
  4. Build strong grassroots support among its constituents to raise the profile of fish habitat conservation in the public arena and enlist contributions from the private sector.

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