Save our Murray-Darling

Boom and bust. Flooding rains and drought. The rivers, wetlands and waterbirds of the Murray-Darling river system can handle the challenge, but they can’t handle billions of litres of water being taken by agribusiness year on year. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!


To Premier Berejiklian,

I call on you to urgently act on allegations exposed in the ABC’s 4 Corners about water potentially being taken from the Murray-Darling Basin. You have a responsibility to protect the precious rivers, wetlands and waterbirds of the Murray-Darling, yet NSW has for too long neglected its duty.

I request you to:

  • Take water management away from the Nationals, who have mismanaged the portfolio for years.
  • Implement the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and deliver 3200 gigalitres of water to the environment.

Yours sincerely,

Let's save our Murray-Darling rivers, wetlands and waterbirds.


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