Power NSW schools with solar

Let's get solar on every public school in NSW! Education Minister Rob Stokes has the power to fund solar for schools but we need to show him and all members of parliament there's a groundswell of support for it. Sign the petition and ask the Education Minister to fund solar for schools in NSW.


Here's the petition:

To: Education Minister Rob Stokes and all MPs

Every school should be powered with solar. By generating their own clean energy, schools can take back control of their energy bills and create a sustainable future for our kids.

NSW schools are still powered primarily by coal, but that is last century's fuel and it is harming our health and our climate.

Some school communities have been able raise money to pay for solar systems, but many are missing out.

As our representative, we call on you to fund solar systems to power every public school in NSW.

Solar systems on schools pay for themselves in just a few years, so let's get on with saving money and creating a better world for our kids.

Together we can get Education Minister Rob Stokes and Members of Parliament to fund solar for every public school in NSW. Add your voice.


2987 signatures (59.7%) towards our goal of 5000

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