Petition AGL to replace Liddell with Renewable Energy

AGL needs your help to stand up to Turnbull and the coal lobby


AGL is Australia’s biggest climate polluter.

But right now Malcolm Turnbull is pressuring AGL to keep the oldest, dirtiest power station in NSW burning coal for a decade to come.

Unlike the government, AGL have a greenhouse plan and they know they have to shut down coal-fired power stations. They even gave the government seven years notice of their intentions to close Liddell and are finalising a plan to replace it with clean energy.

It’s time to help AGL stand up to the Government’s bullying.

Sign the petition:

To the board and CEO of AGL,
We ask that you:

  • Stick to your plan to close the Liddell coal-burning power station in 2022
  • Replace Liddell with 100% clean energy - solar, wind and storage
  • Make sure workers and the community get the opportunities, assistance and training they deserve as AGL transitions to clean energy

Support AGL to replace Liddell with Renewable Energy


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