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The Pilliga forest is the largest intact temperate woodland left in eastern Australia. Santos wants to drill 850 coal seam gas wells in this precious place. Kevin Gallagher, the company's new CEO will soon decide the future of the project. Sign our petition and we'll present it before their upcoming AGM.


Dear Kevin Gallagher,

As Santos’ new CEO you have an opportunity to address the previous poor decisions of your company. We call upon you to act in the future interest of New South Wales and drop the  Narrabri Gas Project.

The Pilliga forest is the largest temperate woodland in eastern Australia. It is home to threatened species like the koala and the Pilliga Mouse and is a vital recharge area for the Great Artesian Basin. If your coal seam gas project proceeds it will greatly impact Gamilaraay land and produce millions of tonnes of contaminated salt waste and carbon pollution. 

AGL recently announced it will not proceed with its Gloucester coal seam gas project and is phasing out its Camden project. This means that under your leadership Santos is alone in promoting coal seam gas in NSW.

We ask you to swiftly reject this project prior to your AGM in May.

Yours sincerely,


For Santos to pull out of the Pilliga


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