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Fines will never replace critical koala habitat destroyed by Forestry Corporation

Today’s $135,600 fine for destroying koala habitat is more evidence Forestry Corporation is a rogue entity unfit in its current state to manage a resource as important as the state’s public native forests. [1] 

Forestry Corp was also ordered to pay $150,000 of the EPA’s legal cost, bringing for the total cost of the government logging company’s wrongdoing to $285,600. 

“We welcome the court’s decision to apply this substantial fine and to award costs — Forestry Corporation must be made to pay for its environmental vandalism,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian said. 

“Fines, no matter how large, can never replace critical koala habitat destroyed by Forestry Corporation.  

“Regrettably, today’s fine is another instance of destructive and unlawful behaviour by a company entrusted with managing 2 million hectares of forest.  

“This is not an isolated instance — Forestry Corporation is a repeat offender, with six major breaches successfully prosecuted since April 2020. 

“In March 2021, the EPA had 16 live investigations into alleged breaches by Forestry Corporation and its contractors. [2] 

“The government must establish a comprehensive independent review of Forestry Corporation to ensure it acts lawfully and sustainably. 

“There is little evidence the corporation is meeting these basic standards under the existing arrangements.” 

FCNSW Fines 

May 2022 — $138,000 – Wild Cattle Creek State Forest 

Apr 2022 — $45,000 — Mogo State Forest  

Feb 2021 — $15,000 — Olney State Forest 

Feb 2021 — $30,000 — Ballengarra State Forest  

Mar 2021 — $33,000 — Boyne, Bodalla and Mogo State Forest  

Apr 2020 — $31,100 — Tantawangalo and Bago State Forest  


[1] Forestry Corporation NSW fined for forestry activities near Coffs Harbour, NSW EPA, 16-6-22  

[2] See page 46 of the parliamentary transcript 

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