Thanks to all who came to the conference and for making it the wonderful event it was. Thanks in particular to Friends of the Koala and all of the presenters. The presentations from some of the workshops are available here:


Dailan Pugh

David Milledge

Kate Smolski

Ed Mortimer and Shirley Hall

Annie Kia


The program is available here.

This year the Regional Conference is being co-hosted by Friends of the Koala in Lismore. We are very excited to be in the Northern part of the state and to co-host with Friends of the Koala who campaign so hard for the protection of koala habitat. Accordingly, the program will have a focus on deforestation and land clearing, as well as time for other nature campaigns. Saturday will be a program of panel discussions and workshops at the Lismore Showground.

Saturday night we would love you to join us for a conference dinner, it is not included in the cost of registration. It will be social and informal and is a great chance to meet other NCC members and conference attendees. The Lismore Lantern Parade is also on Saturday night. We will book dinner for after the parade for those who wish to see the parade then join the conference dinner. 

Sunday we will take a field trip somewhere relevant to the program nearby.


The aims of the regional conference are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for networking between NCC members, executive, staff, representatives and local conservationists;
  • Provide an opportunity for information sharing, skills development and collaborative planning on key policy and campaign issues; and
  • Strengthen working relationships between existing NCC members and to provide an opportunity for potential members to learn more about our work.


Registration is through eventbrite and here. The registration fee is $25 plus a booking fee and includes access to the program and field trip, and catering on Saturday. Please share widely with your networks. If costs are prohibitive to your attending please be in touch at 


If you need to fly, Ballina is the cheapest airport that is nearby. You will need a car to get from Ballina to Lismore. 

If you are driving and have room in your car, please let us know so we can coordinate lifts for those who require them, especially from Ballina airport. Please email if you need a lift or can offer one.


There are various accommodation options in Lismore. Please note the Lismore Lantern Festival is the same weekend so we recommend booking soon!! You can camp at the showground for $25/ night and do not need to book in advance. Regional conference attendees are also welcome to camp at the Channon campground free of charge. Please contact me if you wish to camp.

More details 

For more information please contact Lead Organiser Jacqui Mumford, (02) 9516 1488,