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The Environment Liaison Office enables the conservation movement to speak directly to government, the opposition and the minor parties with single, strong and unified voice.

Environment Liaison Office

We host the Environmental Liaison Office (ELO), an alliance of nine leading environmental organisations from across New South Wales. The ELO aims to ensure the shared concerns and priorities of ELO members are communicated consistently to members of parliament. The ELO monitors parliamentary debates, inquiries and legislation, and produces a regular summary of parliamentary debates relating to environmental and natural resource management issues. To subscribe to the free ELO Hansard bulletin, email ncc@nature.org.au.

Mid-term report card 2017

In the lead up to the 2015 NSW State election, NSW environment groups released Our Environment, Our Future - Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond. The policy document set out 25 key policy asks across eight broad environment themes.  Our Environment, Our Future called for all political parties and candidates to adopt the 25 policies and chart a new course by adopting a bold, positive vision for environmental protection and nature conservation in NSW.

The performance of the Coalition Government in its first two years of Government has been assessed against these 25 key policy asks.  See our mid-term report card here

State Election 2015

In August 2014, the ELO launched Our Environment, Our Future - Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond outlines a broad vision for nature conservation, planning and pollution reduction in NSW, including detailed policy prescriptions required to move the state’s economy to a more sustainable footing. For more information click HERE.

To see a full comparison of the environmental policies pledged by the Coalition, Labor and the Greens please click HERE

On March 17, 2015 the Environmental Liaison Office hosted the Environment Forum. Environment Minister Rob Stokes, Opposition Leader and Labor Environment Spokesperson Luke Foley, and Greens Environment Spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi attended the forum and answered questions from member groups and the community. Read the full transcript HERE.


In March 2013, at the midpoint of the government’s first term, the ELO produced a score card that reviewed the government’s environmental performance. The report card and the accompanying newspaper, The Score, documented a litany of failures and broken promises.

Before the 2011 state election, the ELO published a comprehensive plan for political action for a healthier, more resilient environment for the benefit of nature, the NSW economy and our society.

The report, titled Natural Advantage: A 2011‐2015 NSW Agenda for Safeguarding the Benefits of Nature, set the benchmark against which the O’Farrell government’s first term in office will be judged.

ELO members

The ELO is hosted by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and supported by:

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society is an incorporated voluntary group of about nine hundred members helping to conserve the World Heritage Blue Mountains region.

The Colong Foundation for Wilderness, the successor to Myles Dunphy’s National Parks and Primitive Areas Council, is Australia’s longest-serving community advocate for wilderness.

The Central West Environment Council is an umbrella organisation representing conservation groups and individuals in central west NSW working to protect the local environment for future generations.

The National Parks Association of NSW is a non-government conservation group that seeks to protect, connect and restore the integrity and diversity of natural systems in NSW and beyond, through national parks, marine sanctuaries and other means.

The North Coast Environment Council was formed in 1976 as the peak umbrella environment group in northern New South Wales, covering the area from the Hunter to the Tweed and west to the New England Highway.

The South East Regional Conservation Alliance is an alliance of conservation groups from the south coast of New South Wales.

The Total Environment Centre has been campaigning for environment protection in the city and country, changing government policy, advising the community and challenging business since 1972.

The Wilderness Society (TWS) is a national environmental advocacy organisation, with centres in Sydney and Newcastle, dedicated to the protection and restoration of Australia’s unique nature and natural processes.


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6 April, 2017


Sick of politics? Vote for the environment on Manly election day

The Nature Conservation Council is urging voters in Saturday’s Manly byelection to consider the candidate’s environmental platforms when they cast their ballot.

Marine ConservationClimate and energyNSW ParliamentPollution and wasteCoal and gas

10 March, 2017


Offsets are being used to greenwash mining and property developments that destroy wildlife habitat: study

The use of biodiversity offsetting schemes in NSW is adding extinction pressure to the very species those schemes are supposed to protect, a new report has found.

Forests and wildlifePlanning and DevelopmentNSW ParliamentRivers and wetlandsCoal and gas

28 March, 2017


Environment is in worse shape after two years of Coalition government

The environment in NSW has suffered significantly in the two years since the Coalition was re-elected in March 2015, a review of the government’s performance by leading environmental groups has found.

Air pollutionForests and wildlifeMarine ConservationPlanning and DevelopmentClimate and energyNSW ParliamentRivers and wetlandsPollution and wasteCoal and gas




Paradise lost: The weakening and widening of biodiversity offsetting in NSW, 2005-2016

This is a report on the biodiversity offsets schemes in NSW since 2005.


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