Climate change is already harming our forests, wildlife and communities. Together we must break free from the polluting energy of the past so everyone can power their lives with clean energy from the sun and wind. Together, let’s make it happen.

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Let’s #RepowerNSW

Climate change is happening now – our forests, wildlife and communities are already feeling its effects. We have the technologies and abundant resources to break free from polluting energy sources now and to power our lives using the sun and the wind. Together, we can and must #RepowerNSW.

Let's put an end to our dirty energy system

In NSW, less than 7% of our electricity comes from the sun and wind. Meanwhile, pollution from our five old, dirty coal-fired power stations in rising. It’s not just our climate that is suffering. People's health and our environment are also paying the price of our addiction to coal and gas. We must close coal-fired power stations in NSW by 2030 and usher in a wave of clean energy investment to power our future. Join us in our campaign to #RepowerNSW with clean energy so nature and our communities can continue to thrive.

Help drive the change we need 

Join thousands of Australians who are calling for a brighter future powered by clean energy. Let’s overcome the big polluting lobbyists and the politicians who do their bidding, and usher in a wave of clean energy investment across Australia. Please sign the petition to #RepowerNSW, and ask your friends and family to get on board, because we are strongest when we work together. 

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Become a Repower Champion

Across NSW, people are coming together to act on climate change and #RepowerNSW with clean energy. Sign up to become a Repower Champion and we’ll help you to take meaningful action in your community and online to create a state we would be proud to hand to our children. By becoming a Repower Champion, you'll be given the tools you need to get your community and local MPs on board. We will also connect you with others in your community who share the same vision for a sustainable, clean-energy state.  

Become a Repower Champion

Our solutions

Another world is not only possible, it’s already knocking on our door. To do our fair share to tackle climate change and Repower our energy system we have five important solutions. To move NSW to a clean, reliable, affordable energy system, the NSW Government must:

  1. Commit to sourcing all our electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2030.
  2. Create incentives that encourage investment in energy storage, including batteries, pumped-hydro and solar thermal storage to increase grid reliability.
  3. Rule out new coal mines and gas fields in NSW.

To make the transition fair, the NSW Government must:

  1. Help workers and communities transition as coal-fired power stations and coal mines close.
  2. Protect community health by cleaning up air pollution from coal-fired power stations.

Here's the full Repower NSW Policy


Latest news


19 April, 2017


NSW can be 100% renewable for the same price as one Westconnex

Electricity in NSW could be supplied from 100% renewable sources by 2030 with about the same level of investment as Sydney’s Westconnex motorway, an analysis by the Nature Conservation Council has found.

Air pollutionClimate and energy

6 April, 2017


Sick of politics? Vote for the environment on Manly election day

The Nature Conservation Council is urging voters in Saturday’s Manly byelection to consider the candidate’s environmental platforms when they cast their ballot.

Marine ConservationClimate and energyNSW ParliamentPollution and wasteCoal and gas

16 March, 2017


Snowy-Hydro 2.0 welcome but where’s the plan Turnbull?

Today’s announcement of a feasibility study in to expanding the Snowy-Hydro scheme to boost energy storage is welcome as it could unlock additional renewable energy; however it should be only one piece of a national plan to transform our energy system.

Forests and wildlifeClimate and energy


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