Coal and gas

Help us stop the polluting coal and gas industries destroying precious wildlife habitat and adding to climate change.

Defending communities, water and wild places against coal and gas

Coal and gas expansion is out of control

Coal and coal seam gas companies are attempting to expand mining and fracking at unprecedented rates across New South Wales, threatening public health, clean air and water, productive farmlands and natural areas. Exploration licences and mining leases have been granted over tens of millions of hectares of our state. Public lands are at particular risk: our analysis has found that coal and gas exploration licences cover more than half of our state forests and nearly two thirds of our state conservation areas.

Coal mining creates permanent, destructive changes to our environment, clearing wildlife habitat, destroying rivers and streams, permanently damaging aquifers and polluting air and water. Coal mined in New South Wales is burned in Australia and overseas, polluting the air and producing over 400 million tonnes of carbon pollution annually.

We cannot afford to sacrifice the essentials of life – clean air, fresh water and our best farmland – for the benefit of powerful vested interests. It’s time to take a stand to protect our land, our water and our future.

Most people think the coal industry is doing NSW more harm than good

A majority of people in NSW thinks the coal industry is doing NSW communities more harm than good. ReachTEL conducted the survey on March 14 this year to test community attitudes to the coal and coal seam gas industries in NSW, and to the Baird government's management of the sector.


  • For the first time, most people think coal does NSW more harm than good. Today, more than 56% of people say coal mining is having a negative impact on NSW communities, while 44% say it is having a positive impact. This result is the reverse of the results of the survey in 2013, and represents a very significant shift in community attitudes.
  • More people want environmental protections from coal and CSG now than in 2014. The solid majority that wanted farmland, water and the environment protected from coal and CSG in 2014 (74%) has increase significantly to 84%. This shift has occurred despite the government’s assurances it is properly managing these matters (for example, through the Gas Plan, CSG licence buybacks, etc.)
  • Premier Mike Baird hasn’t done enough to stop environmental harm from coal and CSG. 62% of people think Premier Baird still has not done enough to protect farmland, water and the environment from coal and CSG. This is despite two years of government propaganda, policy tweaking, CSG buybacks, and advertising campaigns by the coal sector (Coal is Amazing).

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Our solution

We need laws that:

  • protect our water resources, wild places and productive farmland
  • put strict limits on air and water pollution to protect community health
  • protect community rights and ensure independent assessment of mining proposals

It’s time for our state to move beyond coal and gas, by driving investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable industries that don’t threaten our land, water and wild places.

Get involved

We are playing a leading role in state wide efforts to secure protection of natural areas, water resources and local communities from destructive mining and coal seam gas development. You can get involved by volunteering, taking action online and making a donation.

Protect Sydney’s Water

Coal mining in Sydney’s drinking water catchment is cracking bedrock, destroying creeks and streams and draining about three billion litres a year from our water supply. We have formed a broad community alliance to protect the water supply for more than 4.5 million people. Learn more

Icons Under Threat

Our Icons Under Threat report outlines case studies from seven iconic natural areas at risk from coal and gas expansion. Our Icons Under Threat video tells stories from people at the front line of the fight for our treasured natural places. Learn more.


Latest news


6 April, 2017


Sick of politics? Vote for the environment on Manly election day

The Nature Conservation Council is urging voters in Saturday’s Manly byelection to consider the candidate’s environmental platforms when they cast their ballot.

Marine ConservationClimate and energyNSW ParliamentPollution and wasteCoal and gas

10 March, 2017


Offsets are being used to greenwash mining and property developments that destroy wildlife habitat: study

The use of biodiversity offsetting schemes in NSW is adding extinction pressure to the very species those schemes are supposed to protect, a new report has found.

Forests and wildlifePlanning and DevelopmentNSW ParliamentRivers and wetlandsCoal and gas

28 March, 2017


Environment is in worse shape after two years of Coalition government

The environment in NSW has suffered significantly in the two years since the Coalition was re-elected in March 2015, a review of the government’s performance by leading environmental groups has found.

Air pollutionForests and wildlifeMarine ConservationPlanning and DevelopmentClimate and energyNSW ParliamentRivers and wetlandsPollution and wasteCoal and gas


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