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3 May 2016


Baird’s plan to gut conservation laws spells disaster for nature across the state

The Baird government’s draft biodiversity package will spell disaster for nature in NSW by enabling the return of broad scale land clearing and habitat destruction across the state.

3 May, 2016


Under reporting of land clearing highlights mismanagement of land clearing in NSW

Revelations that the true extent of land clearing is at least six-times greater than reported by the NSW Government highlights the need for stronger land-clearing protections, according to the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

27 April, 2016


Breakthrough in control of noxious weed African Lovegrass

A project team of scientists and land managers in Western Sydney has discovered what appears to be an effective control for one the state’s most invasive and difficult-to-control weeds.


27 April, 2016


Changes pose serious threats to the Orana region’s wildlife, soils and water resources

The NSW Nature Conservation Council will be in Dubbo on Saturday, May 7, to explain the risks to the Orana region of major state conservation and planning law reforms and advise people what they can do to ensure their voices are heard. (See workshop details overleaf.)

27 April, 2016


ALP’s climate plan highlights risk of broad-scale land clearing

The Nature Conservation Council welcomes the ALP’s commitment to strong land-clearing laws as part of a national response to climate change, and urges the Baird government to strengthen NSW’s conservation and tree-clearing laws. [1]

6 April, 2016


Most people think the coal industry is doing NSW more harm than good

A majority of people in NSW thinks the coal industry is doing NSW communities more harm than good, a new survey has found.


1 April, 2016


Russell Vale expansion could drain 2.6 million litres a year from Sydney’s drinking water, PAC finds

The NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has found that expanding the Russell Vale colliery near Wollongong posed an unacceptably “high risk” to Sydney’s water catchment, potentially leading to the loss of 2.6 million litres of water a year. [1]

14 March, 2016


Communities call on Turnbull to protect NSW trees

More than 100 people are rallying outside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate office in Edgecliff this morning, urging him to stop the state government from winding back controls on tree-clearing laws in the state’s cities, towns and rural areas.

Forests and wildlife

16 March, 2016


Majority of voters oppose Premier Baird’s anti-protest laws

Polling commissioned by the NSW Nature Conservation Council shows only 23% of people support the Baird government’s tougher anti-protest laws, which passed the upper house of the NSW Parliament last night.

NSW Parliament


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