Nature Conservation Council’s 2017 Bushfire Conference

30-31 May, Conference: NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Sydney

1 June, Field Day: North Head fire, restoration and fauna projects

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW recently held our 11th Biennial Bushfire Conference Fire, Fauna and Ferals: from backyards to bush. This multi-disciplinary conference explored how fire management can support ecological values across the landscape: from our backyards through to the bushland interface and beyond. The program examined the interactions between fire and fauna across a range of ecosystems and looked at integrated approaches to managing fire, native fauna and flora, weeds and pest animals. Building on themes from previous conferences on-ground fire and restoration projects and Aboriginal burning initiatives were showcased.

The conference provided an opportunity to contribute to discussions on how to move beyond current fire management approaches that aim to minimise environmental harm and toward approaches that help protect, support and restore ecological values.

Four Key Conference Themes

  1. Buildings and backyards for people, plants and animals – risk, resilience and adaptation. How can community acceptance of fire as an integral part of our natural systems be supported and broadened?
  2. Using fire for restoration. How is fire being used for ecological restoration and integrated with other land management practices?
  3. Fire and fauna. What has been learnt about the interactions of fire, fauna and habitat and how is this knowledge influencing on-ground management practices?
  4. Fire, weeds and ferals. How can the interactions of fire, weeds and feral animal species be managed most effectively?

Speakers Included:

  • Associate Professor Alan York, University of Melbourne - managing fire for fauna conservation
  • Professor Ross Bradstock, University of Wollongong - rethinking how we manage the Asset Protection Zone
  • Justin Leonard, CSIRO - supporting community adaptation to fire
  • Lloyd Van Der Wallen, NSW Rural Fire Service - update on Bush Fire Environmental Assessment Code
  • Professor Chris Dickman, University of Sydney - fire and feral animals

Other presenters included Councils, NPWS, AFAC, Aboriginal groups, contractors and environmental NGOs.

Proceedings from the conference will be available in July.

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Further information: or call Michelle Rose on 02 9516 0359

Conference Field Day

NCC held a day in the field at North Head, walking over project sites, seeing restoration and regeneration in action. Delegates learnt about how fire influences the management of threatened species including: Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub EEC, Acacia terminalis subsp. terminalis, Long-nosed Bandicoot and Little Penguin. We engaged in discussion with local experts about the interactions of fire, fauna, flora, weeds, ferals and more.

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Flame Robin Image Credit: Tobias Hayashi
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