Baird's War on Trees

Thousands of possums, quolls, koalas and gliders will be killed each year if Mike Baird scraps our land-clearing laws.

End the senseless destruction of our wildlife 

Thousands of possums, quolls, koalas and gliders will be killed each year if Premier Mike Baird scraps our tree-clearing laws. Nationals MPs, big agri-business and developers want to allow landholders trash our precious woodlands and urban bushland by replacing the Native Vegetation Act with weaker tree-clearing controls. These changes will:

  • add extinction pressures to our state's 1000 threatened species;
  • threaten our clean, reliable water supplies;
  • turn our fertile land into wasteland through erosion and salinity; 
  • put landmark trees and bushland at risk; and
  • add further to Australia's carbon pollution.

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Have your say about Baird's bad laws

In May 2016, Premier Baird released his blueprint for stripping away our strongest nature conservation laws. People have until 28 June 2016 to make a submission on the changes. We are preparing a submission guide to help you frame your arguments and will email supporters when it is ready. Sign up now for regular updates. 

Land-clearing laws have saved thousands of native animals

Leading ecologists say the land-clearing controls in the Native Vegetation Act have prevented more than 1 million animal deaths over 10 years – that’s more than 100,000 native animals who have escaped death each year thanks to the Native Vegetation Act. Read more. Any laws that replace the Native Vegetation Act must strengthen protections for nature.

Stand Up For Nature Alliance

We have joined forces with other conservation organisations to form the Stand Up For Nature Alliance to campaign to retain strong environmental protections. Alliance partners include: WWF Australia, The Wilderness Society, The National Trust, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Total Environment Centre, National Parks Association of NSW, Humane Society International, WIRES, Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

Visit the Stand Up For Nature website for more information and resources and to sign the petition. 

CONTACT: To help with the campaign, or for details about the meetings, email campaign coordinator Corinne Fisher at


Latest news


3 May, 2016


Under reporting of land clearing highlights mismanagement of land clearing in NSW

Revelations that the true extent of land clearing is at least six-times greater than reported by the NSW Government highlights the need for stronger land-clearing protections, according to the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

Forests and wildlife

17 May, 2016


Land clearing and climate change threaten koalas in western NSW

The Baird government’s plans to allow more land clearing will increase the likelihood of koalas becoming extinct in western NSW, the NSW Nature Conservation Council has warned.

Forests and wildlife

3 May 2016


Baird’s plan to gut conservation laws spells disaster for nature across the state

The Baird government’s draft biodiversity package will spell disaster for nature in NSW by enabling the return of broad scale land clearing and habitat destruction across the state.

Forests and wildlife


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