Icons Under Threat

The destructive expansion of coal and coal seam gas in NSW is threatening iconic natural areas that sustain endangered wildlife, provide clean drinking water and are highly treasured by regional communities.

We have so much to lose

The report, Icons Under Threat, highlights unique case studies from seven iconic natural areas of NSW under significant threat from coal and gas expansion. It also exposes the inadequacy of current mining proposal assessments and biodiversity offsets.

The NSW Government was elected with a Strategic Regional Land Use Policy that stated: “agricultural land and other sensitive areas exist in NSW where mining and coal seam gas extraction should not occur”. But now there are plans to expand the mining footprint over NSW and push into iconic natural areas that sustain life for threatened species and are highly treasured by people in regional communities.

Seven beautiful, wild places threatened by coal and gas

These seven case studies bring to life the choice we have between species extinction and survival:

Pilliga Forest – NSW’s biggest coal seam proposal threatens a biodiversity hotspot.

Warkworth Sands Woodland – Reveals biodiversity offsets give green light to habitat destruction.

Leard State Forest – The last large woodland left in New South Wales is threatened by coal mine proposal.

Putty Valley– Coal seam gas development threatens ground water and streams.

Woronora – Mining in Sydney’s water catchment is draining and polluting our drinking water.

The Great Dripping Gorge – Cumulative impacts of many mine projects on the Goulburn River.

The Gardens of Stone – Mining will collapse stone pagodas and destroy threatened species habitat.

Here's the full report. 

Video | Icons Under Threat

These short films take us on a journey across New South Wales to sensitive natural areas under threat from coal mining and gas development. The story of our Icons Under Threat will inspire and motivate communities across NSW. Help spread the stories from people at the front line of the fight for our treasured natural places. Email us to order a copy of the DVD or view the video online to host a screening in your community.

Full video

Leard State Forest

Dripping Gorge

Pilliga Forest

Warkworth Sands - Bulga Village

Putty Valley

Gardens of Stone

You can help by volunteering, making a donation and sending an email to your local member of parliament.


Latest news


10 June, 2016


10,000 people ask Santos to ditch Narrabri CSG project

Farmers and environmentalists will hand deliver petitions carrying more than 10,000 signatures to Santos's Sydney office this morning, asking new chief executive Kevin Gallagher to drop the Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga Forest in north-west NSW.

Coal and gas

22 September, 2016


Unacceptable that coal mine assessment is being based on secret biodiversity offset rules

The Baird government has hit a new low with revelations it is using a “secret” planning assessment tool that has never been made public to assess biodiversity impacts of a major new coal mine near Singleton in the Hunter Valley.

Coal and gas

13 September, 2016


Court decision proves laws too weak to protect Sydney's drinking water from mine pollution

A court has today found an underground coal mine near Lithgow can pump millions of litres of polluted water into Warragamba Dam each day and place the future of Sydney’s drinking water at risk.

Coal and gas




Coal and Gas polling 2016

A majority of people in NSW thinks the coal industry is doing NSW communities more harm than good, a new survey has found.

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