Climate and energy

Over the past decade, we have mobilised tens of thousands of people to take action on climate change.

Making polluters pay, funding renewables

We are proud of the role that we have played in securing a price on carbon pollution and funding for renewable energy, important first steps on the road to a clean energy economy for Australia.

Stories from the clean energy front line

Right across the country, households, businesses and local communities are experiencing the benefits of making the switch to renewable energy. More than a million households have made the switch to solar power and the private sector is investing billions of dollars in new wind farm development.

Clean energy creates installation, assembly and maintenance jobs in regional areas, offsets energy price rises, gives farmers income without damaging the land, provides returns to investors and creates a new sector which diversifies the economy and keeps the money right here in Australia. 

Coal exports and climate change

Over the past 25 years, Australia’s coal exports have tripled to more than 300 million tonnes. Our coal exports generate more carbon pollution than our entire domestic economy, but large mining companies continue to push for rapid expansion of the industry.

With massive industry expansion plans in clear conflict with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, climate advocates are increasingly focused on the role of Australia’s coal exports in global climate change.

It is essential that our efforts to curb domestic emissions – by replacing polluting power stations with clean, renewable energy and protecting carbon-rich ecosystems – are complemented with a clear plan for phasing out coal exports.

We are contributing to nationwide efforts to raise awareness of the environmental, social and economic impacts of rapidly expanding coal exports, and worked to oppose proposals for new coal mines and export infrastructure. Learn more

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Latest news


3 November, 2016


Premier Baird’s zero emissions by 2050 target is welcome

The Nature Conservation Council welcomes the NSW Government’s commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the ambition of making NSW the leading state for renewable energy.

Climate and energy

29 November, 2016


Senate Committee report requires Baird to lead on repowering NSW

The state’s peak environment organisation has called on the Baird Government to support implementing the findings of a federal Senate Committee which calls for a planned transition of our electricity supply to 100% renewable energy.

Climate and energy

8 September, 2016


ARENA grants will fast-track critical switch to renewables in NSW

Grants for large-scale solar photovoltaic projects announced today by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency demonstrate the importance of maintaining ARENA’s funding to fast-track Australia‘s switch to a clean-energy future.

Climate and energy


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